Later tonight my friend, boyfriend, and I will finally get a chance to finish the LOTR trilogy. ­čśŐ

21.04.14 241
Anonymous asked:
sorry, this is what the internet thinks of your body. weheartit. com/entry/105538729 its sad that ive seen your pics in black and white so many times bc others think youre anorexic and encourage themselves to have your anorexic body

omg. Thank you for letting me know, anon! I’m very sorry about this, and if any of my photos are posted on any blog that isn’t encourage┬áto love food and our bodies then please, PLEASE, do not listen to them. this is starting to get a little out of control, but please do know that I DO NOT and wILL NOT ┬áPROMTE and/or ENCOURAGE anorexia. The last thing i want to do.┬á

love food and our bodies. please.