(cirle lenses)
use kaneto

Anonymous wondered: how do you keep your body so slim??? What did you eat today??? Like ur body is on point????????

??? ?? ???? ?? ? I ate a few eggrolls and rice & fish for dinner. :)

Anonymous wondered: Hello ^_^ i just wanted to say i reaaaaaally love your blog ^_^ may i ask how you keep your skin flawless and stuff cause my skin kinda sucks :/ hihihi thank you <3

Hello!! Thank you so much! When you say skin I’m think of body and not face. ; 3; Let me know if you mean face care. My skin isn’t good either. It just looks nice because of natural lighting (and distance), but I have a body acne and chicken skin/KP ):

But recently I been using Dove moisturizer and using it with a body sponge and loofah really helps clear my skin. I also treat my skin with a nice body gel, because maybe if it smells nice it’ll feel nice. ahaha

It’s also good to give our skin good food and drinks. I don’t drink soda, and instead I go for tea, water, or fruit infuse water. :) Natural sugars and herbs will do wonders. This also goes for our face. Water is great because it provides a lot of moisturize, which can brighten and awaken our face/pores!

There’s also body care items just like (face) skin care items. They tend to cost a lot of my pocketbook, but it’s there no harm in look them up. :D

Anonymous wondered: (The anon about the purple shirt) Yeah! That's the shirt. Could you please tell me where you got it and if it can possibly be purchased or shipped to Canada?

The top can be brought here, but I highly recommend using a taobao agent. ^^ Since I’m not sure if they ship overseas or not, and if they do it might have a large shipping fee. :D

Anonymous wondered: Hi, I was just wondering, how tall are you and what size did you get for your romper from Choies? I'm thinking about getting one cause it is super cute! ^^ But I hardly ever shop online and I'm kinda scared it won't fit. Thank you~

I got a small, but I feel like a medium would have fitted me just fine. :) The romper has an elastic waist, but the overall sizing style of rompers tends be measure out to be … like high waisted items. ^^ 

Anonymous wondered: where did you get the red phone case with the girl on it?? I have the blue one but I have yet to find the red one for androids :/

ebay! :D it’s a little tricky to find, so here's where i got mind.