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Anonymous wondered: i don't see him too often but he lives in the same area as I do! we get to see each other at church once in a while and actually last week we went to a week long retreat together with other people too. but no don't mind it since I kinda like talking about him. >///< if we could be together that would be nice though

sending all the best wishes, hearts, paper stars, lucky charms, and paper cranes to youu and him! i hope you get to see him more often, and i hope more opportunity will come for the two of you to be together!

i know hoping may not to do a lot, but i’m glad you found someone like him!

Anonymous wondered: ughh but about the enticing, he's just such a nice guy. through the years I liked him, he's changed so much and has become so much more attractive inward and outwardly. he's really opened up to people a lot more than before and he's just such a great person. he's someone you would totally want to hang out with just cause he's so cool. wow he's just super great.

anon, if i may so ask… is this a distance crush or 

do… do you guys frequently see each other?

omg i’m sorry if this is touching personal space. the way you talk about him just makes me want the two of you to be together. (๑॔˃̶ॢ◟◞ ˂̶ॢ๑॓)♡

Anonymous wondered: my crush is just the cutest guy ever. he's super funny and chill and has an enticing personality. his smile is the sweetest and his laugh is so precious. seeing him always makes my heart leap and just knowing he's nearby me makes my stomach tickle. I like lots of things about him too besides that. he can play the drums, make you laugh, he loves food and I really think he'd be just perfect because he really is. just writing about him now brings a smile too my face.
Anonymous wondered: my crush is this amazing guy i met on the internet. he sorta found me somehow when i was at my lowest and helped me get back on my feet. i feel like a better person around him. we have so much in common; he never fails to make me laugh and every time he calls me cute/perf/adorable i melt. only i don't know whether he's just joking and im scared that i'll get hurt eventually. he did say that he really wants to meet me in person and i am dying for that to happen.

oohh, crossing my fingers for you two! i hope it goes well, and i hope you guys will make many stories together! being scared to get hurt a very logical feeling, but rather fall and learn than to not love at all. it’s okay to fall in and out because people change, and sometimes we just have to move forward.

please keep me updated!!!

Anonymous wondered: My crush is actually the boy that i am currently with in a long distance relationship ^^; hes just everything mixed together, hes sweet and funny and nerdy lol its a bitter sweet love ~! hes always saying silly things and when he calls me cute i just melt... hes always makin fun of me too but i just >///<
Anonymous wondered: Today i found out that some of my "friends" dislike me but hang out with me because I help them in some of their subjects (which I now do not do anymore as we are in different classes), but for some reason, I just didn't care and carried on like a happy camper, does that mean that I never actually thought of them as friends in the first place?

no. it means you are a better person, anon. you have bigger and better things to do. there are many different ways to define a “friend.” a general definition of a friend is having a bond, and some bonds are not as strong as others. some bonds don’t entitled the same meaning as others. 

maybe you guys weren’t as close as you though. maybe inside you somehow knew. or maybe you did more work on your, end and they didn’t reciprocate which makes the ‘truth’ easier to handle. there are different ways to view this, but i am happy you carried on like a happy camper! that’s an awesome way to react to a situation like this! 

Anonymous wondered: my crush is absolutely beautiful. she is a few years older than me and i hadnt really talked to her much until a school trip to japan for two weeks a while ago. i got to talk to her a lot and i just loved being around her. she is kinda crazy and really outgoing, she is athletic and smart. we have the same leg length and we joked abut how short my torso is compared to her. i just want to hold her hand and hug her. but im pretty sure she is straight...