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Anonymous wondered: As a really busy student who needs to balance work, volunteering, and school, sometimes I can't decide on my priorities. To me, all my responsibilities are equally as important, but I have found myself getting about two hours of sleep a day trying to juggle all this work (aside from the hour break in between my volunteer and school). Do you think I could work this all out somehow?

I know you can. Take a calendar and schedule out what you do and see if you can find a way to take a day or a period of the time to relax and celebrate yourself. :)

It’s can be really hard because school can take half a day, and work can take the other half.  I think  doing everything in one day is a lot to handle. Instead of doing everything in a 24 hour frame, pick days where you’ll volunteer, another days to forces on school, others as an “off day” or maybe a simple day. Like a day off where you just volunteer. I’m guessing you don’t have classes on Sunday, so make Sunday a day where you don’t have too much on your plate. ^^

Spread all the things you want to do on a daily timeline. Hopefully you’ll be able to manage sleep. Sleep is really important and I hope you find a way to include this really soon!

chloekuma wondered: I'd like to let that anon know that I retook algebra twice and retook geometry 3 times. I failed a total of 11 classes during all 4 years and managed to retake them all and graduate on time. It's possible, you just have to make it possible! Anybody who needs school advice can definitely come to me I am the master of graduating when all the odds are not in your favor haha


loud-silent wondered: For anon w/ math troubles! I failed my senior year of math and almost didn't graduate. I've always struggled and was so utterly done with math I thought I couldn't possibly get anywhere with it. My advice is this: sit down with your teacher, tell them you are struggling, and I mean really tell them. Explain the frustration and try working something out with them where you can get extra tutoring or extra time on tests. Teachers are there to help you, so make them. Good luck and don't give up :)
Anonymous wondered: i have a 1.938 gpa and i'm ranked 381 out of 525. the sheet i got for online school to make up credits literally called my a failure. there was a two way sign and one sign said failure while the other said success. they put you under failure. i don't even feel like trying anymore.

I’m sorry. That’s really harsh. Please know that GPA does not define who and what you can be!

I don’t think you’re a failure. Learning can be hard and life can just be a buttface, but there’s more than just a letter grade and GPA. 

ALSO! Your gpa and ranked standing are numbers! You’re not a failure! 

Please do your best to cheer up! I wish I could do much more, anon.

grapplemace wondered: For that anon, ask for help! If you have a bad teacher, ask around your grade to find out who's good at teaching and maybe ask them for help.

This is an awesome tip! Please do ask around. 

Anonymous wondered: hi this is kind of random but i'm having like. a lot of problems with math. i'm 15 years old and my 11 year old brother is better at math than i am. i'm always getting questions wrong and i'm far from the right answer. i forget almost every rule i'm taught and every step i'm walked through. i'm just so frustrated and every time i step foot in my math class i feel like i'm going to cry and break down and i don't know why i can't at least be average at something? nothing i do is even okay anymore
Anonymous wondered: hi ngan, i recently started seeing this guy but its ldr and all through texts. he tells me im cute and compliments me a lot and sometimes he texts me whenever he can despite time differences. but i notice that there'll be periods where i feel like theres some distance like it seems like he doesnt want to talk to me and replies minimally. and then a few days later it'll be as if nothing happened. im not sure what to do and im so confused?! if i ask him if everythings ok he just says: idk or y lol