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romwe Gradient Pullover Review

please check it out 。◕‿◕。


  • ordered on the August 2 (Friday)
  • item shipped on August 7 (Wednesday)
  • item arrived on August 15 (Friday)
  • total of 13 business day.


Romwe’s details

Description Grey-blue pullover featuring round neck, long sleeve styling, gradient color design, ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem, designed with an oversized fit.

Fabric Cotton

One Size:

  • Shoulder Width: 62cm
  • Bust: 104cm
  • Length: 57cm
  • Sleeve: 46cm
  • Waist: 96cm.



I was going to wear this with a skirt, but I couldn’t find the skirt I was looking for. /le sigh. i really don’t think i do this sweater justice.

I find this sweater super easy to wear, and even though it’s one size, it seems to fit me perfectly well - not loose nor tight. it’s also not knitted, so I know it won’t fall apart on me, and I don’t have to be careful. I can actually wear this out daily, and i just might do so!

  • sizing: i love how roomy it feels, but it also look fitted
  • comfort: it’s soft! not the softest, but it does the body well.
  • weight: medium to barely heavy. so great for fall and depending on the location, maybe with another coat during winter.


with certain sweaters, i noticed that they tend to either tighten up on my throat or fall off my shoulder, the latter is preferred. however this sweater maintain it’s shape, it doesn’t slide nor move around. not sure if this is relevant, i have a sweater that has the same collar, but it tend to get messy around the neck area.


and ta-daaaaa ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

summary star ratings, out of 5.

Comfortimage 100% love this pullover. I had my eye on it awhile, and my dream came true. 

Qualityimage  I really enjoy this pullover. Everything seems in place, and the lines match up, and it arrived in perfect condition.

Overall:image I like romwe a lot, and everything about this makes me want to order again, and again.

EDIT: as of October 22, I’ve washed this pullover five times and it’s still perfect! :D

Thursday August 15, 2013
1 year ago

Tagged — myreviews. romwe. please like and reblog. sponsor. sweater injustic. i wanted to wait this weekend to post it. but i was already on a roll. peachy.
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